Novi Anni

THE way, to say goodbye, to dry eye   


Doctors have had a limited arsenal to choose from when trying to treat patients suffering from dry eye. The first and least expensive is the over the counter artificial tears. These work on a very temporary basis and require constant application to provide relief.  If this treatment does not work then your doctor may prescribe a topical steroid such as Lotemax. Prolonged use of corticosteroids may lead to the development of fungal infections of the cornea. The next line of treatment may be the prescription of a pharmaceutical such as Restasis or the newer drug to the market, Xiidra.
Many patients complain that Restasis burns when it is instilled and can only be used in the morning and in the evening.  Most patients have to use this drug for at least 90 days before they notice an improvement in their symptoms.  

Novi Anni’s product provides, a growth factor rich serum derived from your own blood. Through literally thousand and thousands of various applications of growth factor rich plasma, we have witnessed healing in conditions that could or would not heal with traditional medical procedures. Growth factors that are extracted from the human platelets direct and coordinate
all of the wound healing cascade. These powerful proteins send out chemical signals that are picked up by various healing capable cells including stem cells.  The body then regulates the healing in an organized fashion. Remember, all healing is under the control of these special growth factors. Novi Anni packs them together in a patented formula to bring you the best chance of eliminating the root cause of dry eye. We treat the cause, and not the symptoms.

The cost for both of these drugs is about $5400.00 per year. If all of the conservative therapies fail, your doctor may recommend the use of an amniotic membrane. Unfortunately, the doctor’s office has got to prove to the insurance companies that such an expensive alternative is justified.  When it is determined that the patient’s dry eye symptoms is the result of meibomian gland dysfunction, the doctor may offer treatments with a device called a LipiFlow.  This treatment heats the inner eyelids and massages in an attempt to remove obstructions in the gland.