Novi Anni

THE way, to say goodbye, to dry eye   


The clinical staff affiliated with Novi Anni has quite possibly produced more growth factor rich plasma than anyone in the world. Having treated over 80,000 patients they have honed their skills to near perfection. We have the ability to produce serum eye drops in any concentration deemed necessary. Many studies promote a 20% concentration so that one particular growth factor ( TGF-b) is in the same range of those found in human tears. Unfortunately this dilution also lowers the concentration of other growth factors that may be needed in certain repair situations in the human eye.  Other clinical studies promote the use of a 100% serum concentration. One in particular, used this higher concentration on 181 patients and had an overall success rate of 93.92% in the treatment of persistent postoperative epithelial defects.

Our confidence is so strong that we will provide a second month’s supply free of charge if the patient is not completely symptom free after 60 days.