Novi Anni

THE way, to say goodbye, to dry eye   


I am a 78 year old man who had irritated eyes for over 10 years. My doctor tried everything that he could think of to provide me with some sort of relief. We started with artificial tears and when that didn’t work, we moved on to hot compresses over my eyes. At times I felt like I wanted to rub and scratch my eyes for hours. Eventually my doctor gave me a prescription for an eye drop medicine called Restasis. After using this for over a few months, I began to get some relief but this medicine was expensive and during the day, the positive effects would wear off. I still am active on the golf course but the wind would often dry my eyes out before we made it to the sixth hole. While on vacation in Florida, an old friend of mine started talking about some guy he knew that processed patient’s blood to inject in joints and other sports related injuries. He suggested that maybe I could speak to this gentleman and explain to him what I have been dealing with. Well I met with this man and after a while, he agreed to draw my blood and make me up some special eye drops. I was to put 2-3 drops in each eye a couple of times during the day. Although I was a bit skeptic about putting drops in my eyes that came from my own blood I did what I was instructed to.

Let me tell you, after about 4 weeks, my symptoms just disappeared. I was so pleased that I could not believe it. That was over 4 years ago and I am still free of the scratchy and irritated eyes that I had put up with for so long. This same gentleman is now offering his talents to the general public and I am happy to write this letter on his behalf.

Daniel Gemly

About 5 years ago I was doing some concrete work and got a lot of the dust in my eyes. I suffered with scratched corneas for over a year. My eyes would burn throughout the day and I was unable to sleep at night feeling like there was gravel in my eyes. I tried everything including gel drops, steroids, Restasis and even olive oil. Nothing was helping. After suffering for over a year I happened to meet one of the principles of Novi Anni and it changed my life. He had told me a story about helping someone with dry eye using CRP from their own blood. After telling him my problem he determined I was a good candidate for it and we proceeded to make the CRP out of my blood. It was a miracle! In less than 30 days of putting drops of the CRP in my eyes twice daily they were like new. What a life changer! And I've not had a problem since then. Thank you so much for helping me out when nothing else worked.


Darren Risley, DC